Awsome Restored RECORD No24 Quick Release Vice

Record vice no 23 quick release

This item can be shipped worldwide. This vice has been stripped, vapour blasted, etch primed and enamel baked in a great shade of paint. This has just finished a full refurbishment. Awsome restored record no24 quick release vice now in perfect working order.

2 Kw 48v Permanent Magnet Generator, Ista Breeze, Savonius, Wind Power

Top 5 Best Vertical Axis Wind Turbine In 2020

2 kw 48v permanent magnet generator, ista breeze, savonius, wind power current type ac / ac. The seller is istabreeze_germany_gmbh and is located in Burgas. Axis Alignment Vertical or Horizontal. Direct drive permanent magnet generator with a long service life. Newsletter Hydro power i-2000G 48V ISTA BREEZE i-2000G POWER GENERATOR MAX.