Cross Cut Paper Shredder Heavy Duty 12 Sheet Credit Card Cd Office Electric Bin

2017 6 5 UnBoxing AmazonBasics 12 Sheet High Security Micro Cut Paper CD and Credit Card Shredder

Cross cut paper shredder heavy duty 12 sheet credit card cd office electric bin there are a host of functions and safety features including’auto mode’ which senses when the shredder should start and stop when in auto mode there is a status indicator which lights up,’reverse’ is used for clearing any jams, misfeeds or overloads,’thermal overload’ protects your shredder from overheating, the unit will cut out and not operate until cooled there is also a status indicator that lights up should the thermal cut out be activated, there are also two further status indicators that light up, one for’overload’ when you have inserted too much paper, and one for’bin alignment’ usually indicating the pull out bin has not been closed properly, both will light up and for safety prevent the shredder from operating.